About the artist

 My name is Rocio De Los Santos and I'm an autonomous artist living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I became an artist through a deep calling to create. I'm here with the intention to bring art that inspires others to express themselves authentically. 
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to express and create in a space where it was possible to be authentic. Today, my passion for self-expression is at the very core of my identity, driving me to share a unique gift with the world.

In my artistic pursuits, I unearth profound joy through expressive and abstract forms. In most cases, my creative process is crafted with an unspoken narrative of peace and serenity, destined to resonate with those meant to feel it.

My journey

Through a voyage of self-discovery and diverse life experiences, I've unearthed previously unexplored facets of myself, which now define my identity. My artistic odyssey commenced at 28, as I studied under various teachers across diverse domains, eventually achieving a level of confidence that led to my career in Fine Arts. Today, I'm immersed in a artistic community who enrich my journey even further. 

My hope is to illuminate your path and inspire you to embrace what calls your spirit. In this grand adventure of life, we all possess the inherent worthiness to shine brightly.

I thank you for reading, supporting and being present in this incredible ride!


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Original Artwork - Oil Painting
Original Artwork - Oil Painting on Panel

Original Artwork

Coconut painting print

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Photographs - Print


Personalized orders

Personalized orders - Drawing